Thursday, December 19

Kitschy Christmas Diorama Picture Frames

There is nothing like Christmas to bring out the crafty in people. Given - I craft all the time, but something about the holidays kicks my crafting in to overdrive. Recently I encouraged my friends to get involved and hosted a diorama date. Great fun was had by all and best yet I walked away with a custom made seasonal picture frame. It's not too late to make your own (I made 2 in 2 hours) and they make great gifts. Pop over to my blog Naughty Secretary Club to see the ones my girlfriends made and head over to BlogHer to check out the Deer Diorama.

Box with clear front (treat boxes work great)

Decorative paper

Fabric Trim

Mini Christmas trinkets

Gaggle of crafty friends



Almost any box can be converted into a shadowbox. Remember the cereal box one my daughter made? You can also buy a ready made shadow box at most craft stores. I opted for a decorative box from JoAnn's that had a clear cellophane front intended to be used as a gift box for cookies. I made a second shadowbox using a similar style box that housed cupcake picks. My girlfriends used shoeboxes, ornament boxes and even the round container our brie came in.

First I painted the inside of my box white. Using diluted Tacky Glue I adhered a sheet of vintage wrapping paper to the back of my shadowbox.

Using Tacky Dots I adhered an 8X10 photo to a piece of card stock. Next, I cut out my photograph. Using Tacky glue I attached some gold rick rack trim to the backside of the photo. Feel free to embellish your photo how you like. I added some Santa hats and snowflake stickers.

On a side note I got the idea about the picture from current favorite book Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny and Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday. There are tons of cute projects, but their Heirloom Bride and Groom Vintage Photo Assemblage gave me this particular idea. Now go get the book and make fake donuts and cake.

Sky is the limit as to what you put inside your shadowbox. The trick is to make sure that it is not wider than your box. Don't forget there is a lid! I added ornaments and bottle brush trees.

How you decorate the outside of your box is completely up to you. I won't hold it against you if you don't think 2 trims, 4 plastic Santas, Beads in a Bottle and sparkly bows are the route you want to go.

I love Beads in a Bottle for making perfect polka dots.

For good measure I added the date in gold chipboard letters.

I love my shadowbox so much it is centerpiece to my Christmas mantle. It is a pretty special honor to sit under my mother's wreath and in-between my two beloved polka dotted elephants.


El Michelle said...

How cute! Great idea! I went to visit a neighbor friend last night and saw her making baby books from scratch! I thought that was an awesome gift idea as well! :) Happy holidays!

app pinch said...

It has Great picture frames and beautiful..

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