Wednesday, February 15

Tulip One-Step Dye featured on Teen Mom 2!

One of my guilty pleasures is MTV's Teen Mom 2. Heart wrenching - when I'm not gasping at the crazy hairdos or bad decision making..but we won't go there. Well, guess what? Our Tulip One-Step Dyes were featured in a recent episode!

Recently, Chelsea did something wonderful and joined the March of Dimes to help raise funds for premature babies. She enlisted a team of friends to join her in the walkathon and the night before...well, watch the video to see!

We like her thinking. Tie-dyeing shirts is a great way to show unified spirit when it comes to fundraising events and group activities. Choose your favorite colors and have at it. Check out your local Walmart and craft stores for kits that come with everything you need.

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Craft on!

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