Tuesday, February 26

How to make Tie Dye Rainbow Socks

Do you love color as much as we do?  Then you'll want to make a pair of your very own Tulip One-Step Tie Dye socks (or leggings as some may call them).  We are so ecstatic how these tie dye socks turned out. They were created by superstar designer Lauri Eaton.  So fun and truly statement making for your wardrobe! Lauri shows you how to make them below...

What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie Dye (Neon kit for rainbow socks; Vibrant kit for green, blue, and purple pair)
– Long 100% cotton socks (we got ours from Dharma Trading Company)
– Surface Cover

– Paper Towels
– Drying rack (optional)

Before you begin:  Prepare your work area and wet your socks and squeeze out any excess water.
Lauri started off making the blue, green, and purple socks.  For these socks, you will fold them in half, then fold them again to make four layers.
Section the socks into three sections using the zip ties.  Pull the zip ties as tight as you possibly can for best tie dye results. 
 Fill your tie dye bottles with water and shake well. Now place the socks on a drying rack and squeeze the 3 tie dye colors on each section.  Make sure to not squeeze all around the zip ties.  The colors will seep toward the zip tie as it sets, so there's no need to stress about getting every teeny tiny white area!
This is what the dyed socks looked like before Lauri covered them to set.  She let them set for 10 hours!  That's why the colors turned out so intense.
For the rainbow tie dye socks, Lauri folded them in half, then dyed them in rainbow color order.  Notice there's a paper towel underneath the rack to catch the dripping dye.  Sometimes the paper towels turn out so pretty!

We love how the socks turned out and now want to make more!  Do you think you'd like to rock some tie dye socks?  They'd even be fun for just around the house!


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