Tuesday, April 16

How to Make a Spiral Tie Dye Tablecloth

Spiral Tie Dye Tablecloth 
Jaderbomb for iLoveToCreate
There is just something about a warm day and lounging outside. Sure, you could go buy a bright whimsical tablecloth but why do that when you can make your own. Since it's almost Summer I thought it would be a blast to make a tablecloth with tie dye. Yes even if you think this is "not" for you I promise it is. When you complete this it will make your heart feel warm and cozy. 
The good thing about this crafty project is you can use it with your kids or a fancy dinner party. 
So put on your gloves and let's get busy! 

You will need:
*Tulip One-Step Die-Dye Kit : Vibrant (Blue, Lime & Violet)
*Tablecloth / Decorative Shower Curtain / Fabric
*Craft Brushes 
*Container for Water 
*Lot's of LOVE

When you tie dye a large surface like this you want to lay out a piece of visquin on the ground. Make sure you are working in a fairly large space. Trust me this will make you happy when you are moving from one end to the other.

I recommend filling each bottle to the fill line then squirting into glass containers. I only put a little in the container at a time. Next you will take a brush, lightly dip it into dye and brush it onto the spots you want to highlight on your fabric. You can absolutely do this same technique on fabric that has no design on it. I found this shower curtain at Ross and when I saw it I knew it was perfect. I wanted a piece of fabric that I could use in many different ways. 
*Shower Curtain
*Curtain for your windows
Start by pinching parts of the fabric then wrapping a rubber band around it. You will get rubber bands in your tie dye kit. Since my fabric has a design on it I pinched the center of each big pattern. When you are done with the rubber bands scrunch the rest of the fabric. Grab the tie dye bottle and squeeze right on top of the rubber band. Continue adding more colors around the center, going in a spiral motion. I did not wet any of my fabric for this technique. 
*Note the colors will bleed when placed next to each other. 
Don't forget you can create "other" colors by following this:
*Red+Blue= Purple
*Yellow+Green=Lime Green
(These are just some colors you can create)
How beautiful are these tie dyed doilies! I used my left over dye to make these. Trust me they will fill your space with happiness! 
What a great way to spend a warm summer afternoon. Lounging around, drinking water, eating chocolate covered coffee beans, eating strawberries all while admiring your unique tablecloth. 
This tablecloth will make you smile, even if you are having a bad day. Tie Dye usually does that ya know. So what are you waiting for! Go get some and dye everything in sight! 

P.S. When you start doing this you will not stop! (hehe)

*Find more of my DIY decor at JADERBOMB.COM*
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Carrie said...

That's a cool kit! What a fun project, too. I'm definitely in the mood for summer and picnics... time to break out the tie dye!

ANNE said...

I haven't done tie dye in FOREVER. Thanks for the refresher, love the end look!!

malia said...

You kicked Tie Dye up from Hippie to classy! Beautiful work... looks like a lot of fun to create.

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