Tuesday, February 18

Easy Glittered Flower Bouquet

I've got to be honest. I feel kind of like a cheat for sharing this as a big tutorial. And the thing is, I totally wasn't going to. This is something I did for myself. But I had so many people say "how did you do that?" that I figured it would make a great tutorial :) So today I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to fancy up my home and centerpieces when I have guests coming over.

For this project you will need:
Fresh flowers (but faux will last forever!)
Since neon is such a big thing right now I new that I needed the neon bunch I spied at my grocery store. Be warned if using a glass jar, however, that the color will leech back out of the stems and into the water, which can be ugly in a clear vase. See how my water is turning pink? And this was within minutes of adding the stems to my mason jar.

First things first, go through your Tulip fashion glitter and pick out the glitters that go best with your colors of flowers. I didn't have an orange that was light enough, so I mixed gold and orange and I was quite happy with that.

Add the glitter to some decoupage one a piece of scrap paper. Mix it well. The heavier the glitter in the mixture, the heavier it will appear on the petals BUT if it gets too chunky then it just looks like, well, chunks of glitter on your petals and it ain't pretty.

Use a soft,small bristled brush to paint the glitter on. I like to go all around the petals all around the center and then paint random petals out from there.

As the decoupage dries all that will be left is the glitter!

I've found that the some glues are just too heavy and that decoupage is perfect!

And with how fine Tulip Fashion glitter is, it's the perfect amount of sparkle!

From a distance, the difference isn't smack you in the face obvious. But everyone always goes over to inspect when they get a hint that these flowers are different.
I hope that this incredibly simple tutorial will help to make your home sparkly and ready for any guests you might want to impress!

And a big thanks for checking out my post here at iLoveToCreate! If you like what I'm putting down, head on over to my blog Dream a Little Bigger to see some more DIY projects!
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