Thursday, May 28

Faux Beading with Puffy Paint

I am always a fan of crafty shortcuts. If there is a fast dry glue I'm in, a dye with fewer steps sign me up and any no-sew project is a friend of mine. One of my favorite crafty shortcuts is faking the look of embroidered stitches with Puffy Paint. My felt appliqu├ęd Christmas tree skirt and Slice of Citrus Tote are perfect examples. I love the look of beading and thought, why couldn't I get the same look with Puffy Paint in place of beads.

Wednesday, May 27

Marble Painting with Tacky Glue

Marble painting is an ancient art that goes back hundreds of years. Despite its ancient roots, marble patterns are a major trend in modern design. You can find it in stores all over the place, but why bother when you can easily marbleize items at home?

Lucite trays are big deal in home decor right now (read: expensive) but you can make now using an inexpensive, everyday object. Want to know what it is? Keep going!

Tuesday, May 26

No-Sew T-shirt Infinity Top: Wear It (in at least) 4 Ways!

Tshirt Infinity Top
The best thing about T-shirt season? Umm...T-shirts. Here's a no-sew T-shirt project to help you kick off a totally sweet summer. Punch it up with custom textiles, and then wear it any way you like -- the possibilities are infinite...or nearly!

DIY Ugly Chair Makeover

I love chairs!
But sometimes I meet an ugly chair and I just have to have an intervention.  That was the case with this chair.  And it was the perfect case for an ugly chair makeover because it was residing in the cube of Brandi, our Design Studio Coordinator.  She was desperate to have something done, and I knew just what to do.

Case in point, right?  Who doesn't love a mauve chair, leftover from the 80's or 90's and would give you some dusty buns if you sat in it. Well.... here we go. This is how you make-over an ugly chair.

Here's what you'll need:  Tulip For Your Home stencils.  I used the frame stencil and monogram stencil.  Tulip roller, Tulip Soft Paint (Pink for Brandi), Tulip Stencil Adhesive Spray and Masking Tape, and burlap to cover the chair.  I also grabbed my Quick Dry Fabric Fusion to glue the burlap to the chair.  I'll be blogging about that on my blog soon.  So be sure to check it out.
First step: Spray with stencil adhesive

Second step: Press to fabric

Third step: Roll on paint

Fourth step: Peel stencil

Repeat: Monogram stencil (I added Tulip Masking Tape)

Roll on paint

Peel away stencil

Glue to chair

Brandi loves it!

Thanks for checking it out, and happy crafting!

Monday, May 25

Leather Bracelets with Opaque Fabric Markers

Fabric markers are one of my favorite crafting tools, but the only problem is their limitation to what kind of fabric and what colors you can work on. The Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers have solved that problem. You can even use them on leather as I have for these fun bracelets! I love how easily you can get great strong color right on leather that won’t rub off. I even tried getting it wet and rubbing it and it’s permanent! So get ready to create your own patterns and art on all kinds of leather or pleather. These opaque fabric markers are awesome!

Sunday, May 24

Palm Leaf, No Sew Halter: DIY

Ideas about how to recreate a t-shirt are constantly haunting me. 
I have so many thoughts about t-shirt it's a little crazy.
Why do I always go back to using t-shirts?
Well,  who doesn't  have a t-shirt lying around,
and if you don't have one they only cost $5.00.
Here is a quick way to spruce up a plain old white t-shirt.
Oh.. and I am a little obsessed with Palm leaves at the moment.

Saturday, May 23

Easy Wall Art: Be-YOU-Tiful Painting with Poster Puffy

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

Who doesn't need an encouraging word or affirmation once in awhile? Make your own inspirational quote art easily, with the help of Poster Puffy. This easy wall art is the perfect project for teens or tweens, and adults will enjoy it just as much! And psst -- I took a cue from preschool and did some finger painting for this project!

Easy wall art project - Poster Puffy makes it easy!

If you don't like messy art, don't let the "finger painting" thing scare you off -- you can make this art without your fingers, too! (But there is something seriously therapeutic about getting your hands messy with paint!) I know you are intrigued, so come find out how easy it is to make custom wall art!

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