Sunday, January 25

Crystal Collar DIY.

  I found the dress at H&M for $15.00 
and decided that it needed a little sparkle.
Tulip crystals and Glue made it extremely easy.

Thursday, January 22

The Easy DIY Way to Make Trendy Neon Coiled Rope Baskets

Remember the painted coiled rope bowl I made last summer? I loved it so much I decided to make a different version. According to Yahoo DIY coiled rope bowls are a hot craft trend for 2015. Now you will know how to make these awesome (and easy) bowls two different ways!

Wednesday, January 21


Happy Hump Day all you crafty crafters! I am on a cupcake and pink flamingo kick lately and I am into making all of my posts sweet as possible. A while back I got a sprinkled doughnut and I though as I was eating it just how cute a shirt would be with sprinkles. So, here you have it! I will show you how to become a doughnut in the most stylish way possible! 
Let's get started! P.S. This craft is great for kids and adults! 

Tuesday, January 20

Silly Frames for Silly Photos


If there is one thing my family is good at it is refusing to take a serious picture. We have no pictures where we're all politely smiling with our hair and makeup done and Sunday clothes. We have pictures where we act a fool or just have fun. So I decided to bling up some silly frames for some of these silly pictures with Clear Gel Tacky Glue!

Monday, January 19

DIY Dip-Dye Lampshade

There is something to be said for the plain white lampshade; it's classic, inexpensive, and goes with just about everything. But wouldn't it be nice to jazz up that shade with a special touch? A quick dip in Tulip fabric dye takes this lamp to the next level!
Best part of this project? It's crazy easy. You are four steps swap from something seriously snazzy.

Friday, January 16

How to Apply Sequins with Dimensional Paint

Last week I made an apron for Elena from Charity Wings to wear at the National Craft and Hobby Mega Show. I whipped up the apron, but felt it was missing something...BLING! But it was the night before I was to leave, so I had to think fast.

Read on to see my easy method to add some sparkle using Tulip Fashion Sequins!

Thursday, January 15

Vintage Inspired Chenille Valentine People

Recently I had a valentine wreath making party with some girlfriends. All the wreaths turned out adorable, but some of my crafty friends took things a step further and made vintage inspired pipe cleaner people to put on their wreaths. Never one to be out crafted I had pipe cleaner envy and today with the help of some adorable clay faces the crazy talented Lisa Kettell had sent me I made my own.
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