Wednesday, September 17

Halloween Burlap Pillows

With Halloween right around the corner I think it's time for us to start decorating our home! I am madly in love with burlap so when I love to Create came out with these burlap pillows my heart dropped to the bottom of the earth. Literally. OK, fine not literally but you get it right! There is something about a prickly pillow that makes me feel all warm and cozy. Maybe it's the fact that burlap kinda smells like a barn or feed store. I may be crazy but what can I say burlap is the bomb. Today we are making some fun and quick Halloween pillows so let's get started. 

Tuesday, September 16

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

It seems that lately I've been hearing an awful lot about wine bottles. Being someone who doesn't partake myself I decided that I'd work with Perrier bottles. But no one told me that there was a distinct learning curve when cutting glass bottles. A quick trip to the hobby store and a few attempts these beautiful pendant lamps came together!

Princess Anna Costume Dress Tutorial

If you are a parent of young children like me, you probably have the entire dialogue of Disney's Frozen memorized by now!  My daughter LOVES this movie and I knew she'd love having her own Princess Anna dress for pretend play!  I broke out my sewing machine, pattern, and my favorite Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints and made her this creation that she now wants to wear every day!  Here's how you can make your own for Halloween or for every day!

Monday, September 15

Children's Art as Plush Toys

Fact: Kids love markers. Fact: Kids love stuffed animals. Fact: Moms love toys kids can make for themselves.

Given these three facts, what is not to not love about this project? Get ready to blow your mind!

Thursday, September 11

Spooky Spider Wine Glasses

The fall season is upon us and it's time to start thinking about Halloween party planning!  We think these fabulously freaky glasses would be an absolute hit at your dinner party or event!  And the scariest thing?  They are like the simplest craft EVER!

Slumber Party Fun - Custom Pillowcases

This summer I had 4 kids under one roof for 2 days. It was my job to host a weekend long slumber party for my daughter and her two cousins. We did karaoke, baked cookies, swam for hours and most importantly we crafted. Crafted like there was no tomorrow. One of the kids favorite crafts to remember the slumber party by was decorating their pillowcases. This activity takes very little effort (and clean-up) on the adults part but equals loads of fun for the kids. My daughter still requests her custom pillowcase above all others.

Wednesday, September 10

16 Eye-catching Necklace DIYs

DIY accessories are so fun to make and can instantly transform you outfit from drab to fab!  Here's 16 great necklace ideas to dress up your look or to make a ton of to give to friends.  With Christmas just a few months away (you know it will be here before you know it), these would make the perfect gift to make that won't break the bank!

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