Monday, July 28

Henna Inspired Glitter Tattoos

In the summer our wardrobes often get simplified to just the basics, but with these fun henna inspired Body Art Glitter Tattoo’s you can still add some fun sparkle to whatever you wear. Even your teeny bikini can be accessorized with these sparkly tattoos! They’re super fun and quick to do, so let’s get started!

How to Make Your Own Colored Sand With Tulip Dye

On a recent trip to the beach I was inspired by sand. Sure tan, natural colored sand is fine, but colored sand is clearly better when it comes to crafting. I have used colored sand in my crafty adventures before to flock ceramic deer and to paint groovy mushroom pictures, but this time I wanted to make my own sand.
Lucky for the me the lovely and talented Carolina Moore was a guest contributor to the final issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3. She had a great tutorial for dying your own sand pictured above.

Wednesday, July 23

Tie Dye Shirt Infinity Necklace

Next time you have some leftover Tulip One-Step tie dye from your tie dye party, squeeze that dye on an old cotton shirt in your closet and turn that shirt totally new accessory you'll want to wear everywhere!  This project is great for giving a punch to your little black summer dress or for adding a pop over a plain tee!

DIY Cleanup Method With Tulip One Step Dye

Hey everyone! Tanner Bell here, I'm super excited to share with you this DIY tutorial for cleaning up after a tie dye party! I know how much it stinks when you have to waste dye and I don't want you to have to waste any dye- that is why we're going to put down the paper towels and pick up a T-shirt and start picking up the dye.

Tuesday, July 22

Ombre-Dyed Crossback Tank Top

Smock Tank Finish
Summer is all about easy, breezy fashion (stay cool) and tie-dye (stay fun!). Here's an ombre-style surface treatment for a quick-and-easy T-shirt transformation. From plain white T-shirt to a smock-styled, crossback tank top that's nearly no-sew (about 6 inches of stitching) in no time. Smock it to me!

Monday, July 21

Deep Sea Tie-Dye Bedspread

Tie dye is always a popular summer project, but isn't it nice to make something to be used indoors year round? This blue-on-blue deep sea inspired bedspread would make a great addition to any bedroom in the house!

Want to make your own? It's easy!

Sunday, July 20

Five Ways to Beat Summertime Boredom with Rupert Boneham

It’s mid-summer and I’m guessing you’ve already heard “I’m bored” (ah…to be able to say this again!!) so I've put together the top five easy, summertime activities that will beat the boredom away! Take a look!

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