Monday, September 28

DIY Embellished Appliqués

This fall it’s all about embellishment and it’s super easy to create your own personalized Embellished Appliqués to add to a bag, a jacket or really anywhere you want using Tulip’s Dimensional Paint. This paint is so awesome, it comes in so many colors and it looks great after it’s dry. You can even add extra embellishments to it like; beads, sequins or glitter to up the wow factor! Let’s get started!

Sunday, September 27

The Black Cat T-Shirt: DIY

 Tulip Color Shot Fabric paint is like spray paint for fabric.
Quick an easy to use.  It has quickly become one of my very favorite products when I do any kind of painting on material (and I do a lot of T-shirt DIY's ) 
This shirt idea came after my family and I took a trip to Epcot this past week.
Pairs is my favorite place to wonder around. Sometime I just sit in the gardens and watch people.
I have never been to Pairs, hopefully that will be a place I see someday soon.

Saturday, September 26

DIY Spirit Posters with Poster Puffy

DIY Spirit Signs - easy to make with Poster Puffy Paint!
Cheer for the home team with DIY Spirit Signs - they are easy to make with posterboard from the dollar store and Poster Puffy Paint. Every athletic event needs more eye-catching signs!

Thursday, September 24

Glow in the Dark Halloween Pajama DIY

Around these parts almost as important as the costume you will wear on Halloween are the PJ's you will don on 'Wear Your Pajamas' to school day. For grade schoolers this is like the prom and the right jammies are crucial. I of course had to customize a pair for my daughter.

Wednesday, September 23

DIY Ceramic Painting with Painted By Me Markers

Today marks the first official day of autumn and you know what that means? SWEATER WEATHER. And nothing goes better with crisp air and the crunch of fallen leaves than a warm mug of goodness. Tea, coffee, cocoa, call it. But whatever you choose, serve it in style!
Thanks to Painted by Me bake-at-home ceramic markers, you can turn a ceramic cup into an artistic masterpiece. And it's so easy! Let get started...

Tuesday, September 22

DIY Toothy T-shirt

Toothy T-shirt
Whether you're celebrating Shark Week, looking for a rainy day activity, or in search of a costume that even kids who aren't into wearing masks can get behind, this toothy long-sleeved T-shirt is the ticket. Far from being holiday-exclusive, bust out your shirt any time you're playing a spirited round of "Top o' the Food Chain." I stuck with gray, white, and silver to summon my boys' inner sharks, but you could easily adapt your color palette to include dragons, dinosaurs, or even a Gruffalo (and, it should be noted, you can make it in multiple sizes)!

Monday, September 21

Tie Dye DIY Kimono

A much cooler version of a cardigan and a great summer trend that’s transitioning nicely into fall, kimonos are the perfect cover up for unpredictable fall weather. Made from a XXXL t-shirt, this Tie Dye DIY Kimono is super easy to make with NO SEWING required. 

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