Friday, March 6

Ombre Glittered St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar Mugs

Mason jars make everything taste better. I could put a kale, Brussels sprout and spinach smoothie into this adorable ombre glittered mug and it would taste like candy. Well ok, maybe it is not that magical - but it is that magical looking. I couldn't let St. Patrick's Day pass without at least one shout out to the shamrock. This ombre glittered mug is great for green beer, Irish coffee or kale smoothies if the mood strikes you.

Wednesday, March 4

Easter Chic Mug

Here Chicky,Chicky! Easter is almost here and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love decorating eggs! There is ONE thing however that I have never Easter mug. I love items that are versatile and can be given as gifts. I sometimes tend to do lot's of designs but today I wanted to show you how to make something sleek and clean but still have a punch when you are done with it. 

I swear I am just in love with this cute chic! She can be used as a coffee mug or a planter! The great thing about this project is kids can do it and they will have so much fun. Let's get started!!!

Tuesday, March 3

DIY Floral Denim Crossbody Purse

I'm going to let you in on a little bit about how I work... what makes me tick. I'm out shopping and I spy the cutest floral crossbody bag. It's just 10 bucks but then I see one without the floral pattern for only 5 bucks. So of course I go cheapo and get the $5 bag and DIY it to my liking! So basically I'm cheap and crafty. That's me in a nutshell, really!

Saturday, February 28

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelets

Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet

Want to stay inspired by your favorite poem, song lyrics, or life quote? Here's a fun project that uses your favorite words and fabric to create a unique bracelet, so you can be inspired while being accessorized. Use your favorite cloth scraps to create a truly one-of-a-kind Fabric-Wrapped Poetry Bracelet!

Thursday, February 26

QuiltCon - How the Modern Quilt Movement Converted Me

Riding the Sewing Machine in the Stitch Lab Booth
Quilts typically conjure images of old ladies, that is until you attend QuiltCon. I know this phrase is completely over-used, but these are not your grandma’s quilts. This is not your grandma’s quilt show for that matter. I doubt my grandmother ever bought a fat quarter at the same place where you could get a tattoo or take a picture straddling a giant bucking sewing machine. The Modern Quilt Guild is changing people’s perceptions of quilts, especially mine.

Wednesday, February 25

DIY Book Covers From Old T-Shirts

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well and staying warm. It's snowing like crazy here in Tennessee. Today on the blog I'm using the new Electric Neon Fabric Markers! These are so much fun to doodle and sketch with. Let's jump into today's tutorial.

Twine "Wicker" Lampshade Tutorial

My home decor style tends to change quite frequently or at least every few years. I'm going away from the stark, clean and uncluttered rooms to something a bit more comfortable and homey. I have always loved wicker but with cats it's just not possible. Or it is but it looks like heck within a week. So I decided to incorporate the look by making a faux wicker lampshade from my newly remodeled half bath!

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