Thursday, September 3

Marbled Paper Mache Ring Dishes

You have seen marbled ring dishes a million times on Pinterest. You know the ones with air dry clay and gold trim on the edges. Ya, I love them too. I wanted to make my own version, not using air dry clay, but using paper-mache. Same concept, same steps, different medium and all new funky look.

– Toilet paper
– 1 Cup flour
– 1.5 Cups water
– Craft paint
– 1 tsp Salt
– Plastic wrap
– Small bowls
– Tulip Fashion Glitter Gold
– Scissors
– Mixing bowl
– Spoon
In a large bowl mix together your salt, water, flour and glue (1/2 cup glue).
Shred about 1/3 of a roll of toilet paper.
Add shredded paper to bowl and mix well. If the clay feels too wet add more paper if it is too dry add more equal parts water and glue.
Divide your clay into 4 equal sections. Add a dab of craft paint to each ball and kneed into desired color.
Roll your balls into snakes.
Twist all 4 snakes together into one big snake. Divide into 3 sections and roll into ball.
Cover three small bowls in plastic wrap. These will act as your molds.
Smooth your 3 marbled balls of clay over your wrapped bowls. Set outside in the sun and allow to dry completely.
When your bowl is completely dry (may take 24 hours) trim the edges with scissors. After you have done this rim the edges in glue and sprinkle on gold glitter. Blow off excess glitter and allow glue to dry.
Who knew you could marble paper-mache? You learn something new and crafty everyday. I love the texture on these and swirled colors. The sparkle of the glitter is the perfect final touch.
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