Thursday, August 13

5 Kitschy Upcycled Picture Frames

If you take a good look around your house you might just find some unlikely, yet fantabulous, picture frames. This week for I Love to Create that is exactly what I did.

Given I realize every house might not have an Etch a Sketch laying around, but these types of picture frames can also easily be made with a cheap run to your local thrift store. All you need after that is a can of Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray, some scissors and a few of your favorite pictures.

Broken clocks are one of my favorite frames. Some have hands that are harder to remove than others. For this clock I had to use the cutting tool on my Dremel to get a smooth surface to adhere my picture to.

I picked this clock up at a flea market. All of the hardware was missing so it was a perfect picture frame candidate. Traced a circle on the picture, cut it out, took it outside and sprayed it with my Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray and stuck it into the center of my clock.

Occasionally your make shift picture frame will be larger than the pictures you have. If that is the case enlarge the picture on your computer and print it out to the correct size on photo paper. Cut out, spray glue and stick. This is a picture of my little metalheads. Tallulah in her Guns n' Roses Onesie and Chris in his Ozzy Ozbourne T-shirt.

Vintage handmirrors make great picture frames. Most times the mirror part has gotten old and no longer works so why not cover it up with a picture of your daughter and husband taking a dip in the pool?

My sister paints dead rappers on her vintage Fisher Price toys, I use a little Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Glue and make mine into picture frames.

Awesomely kitschy picture frames can be yours with just 3 easy steps: cut, glue and stick. Take a peeksie around your digs and see what possible picture frames you have hanging around. Once you start to see things with picture frame colored glasses you will be surprised what you find. Inquiring minds want to know, what is the oddest thing you have ever converted into a picture frame?


Susie Jefferson said...

What good ideas - and great fun, too. I like the thought of pix in unexpected frames ... and places.

HealthTips said...

Thank for sharing this cool idea for decor with picture frames, LOVE it!
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