Thursday, August 27

A peek inside our crafty world!

Being the crafty folks that we are here at iLoveToCreate,we have a lot of craft supplies. Don't believe us? Check out our ribbon stash!

OK, ok...we realize that it's all a mess. Currently our resident crafty queen Pattie Donham is working up a plan to keep our craft space neat and clean, so I'm sure that she's going to be tackling this ribbon stash in the near future.

You didn't think that was all the ribbon, did you? We are just getting started! Each of these big cardboard bins are filled with ribbon goodness!

Here's a little detail of some of the orange and pink bins. I swear, a crafter would go nuts if they saw this stuff!

So you may wonder why we have all this ribbon...we have to have ribbon for all of the projects that come out of our doors! Our hardworking designers turn out the designs left and right for both web, print as as sales samples, so it is used on a daily basis! Check out the ribbon projects on our web site below! Just go to our project page and type in ribbon in the search field.

And the reason we have so much ribbon? Well, let's just say we make a LOT of craft store runs because we are without the right shade, width, or texture of ribbon. It's all in a days work!

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