Thursday, September 3

Musical Mustache Masks AKA Sleeveface on a Stick

I have a soft spot for mustaches, probably because my dad has had one for as long as I can remember. When mustache crafts started becoming all the rage I can’t say that I was not happy. Mustache soap, candy, jewelry, T-shirts – just take a stroll through Etsy. Heck I even made a felt mustache on HGTV last year as a Halloween costume. Recently my fam was invited to a birthday party for a 1 year old with a tiny mustache theme. Never one to show up at a party empty handed I immediately put on my crafty thinking cap about mustache crafts of my own. I remembered a book I had seen called Sleeveface by Carl Morris & John Rostron and inspiration hit me and a brand new mustache themed I Love to Create Column was born.

Liquid Fusion Glue
Old Record Jackets
Paint Stirring Stick
Fun Fur

I visited several thrift stores looking for just the right records. You want to look for records with a big life size head on the cover. One that if you held the record in front of you it would look like your own head.

Using your scissors cut out all the heads from the record jackets. This might hurt a little if you have a record you really like in the your pile. I listened to my records as I crafted to dull the pain a little. Next trace the shape of a mustache onto the back of your fun fur and cut out. Glue the stache to the face and let dry.

Once your mustache is dry flip the head over and using Liquid Fusion Glue attach your painters stick. The record jackets are sturdy enough to stay rigid on the stick without any other support.

If you wanted to skip the fun fur step there are plenty of stars with stashes. All I needed to do was cut out my heads and glue my painters stick to the back and I was done.

The masks were a huge hit with babies and adults alike. An added bonus is that it was hot outside and the masks also doubled as a great fan.

Lamb chops, handle bar staches or goatees more your thing? Go crazy with the fun fur and adorn the masks any which way you like. You could put bows in their hair, ties on their necks or adorn their hands with gemstone encrusted rings.

Love to know about your favorite mustache crafts if you have any! Also wanted you to know that I fully plan to listen to all the vinyl before I melt it into bowls and bracelets!


Quiltpiecer said...

OMG, these are awesome! I love them! I can bet they will make a dull party into a fun one! Great idea! BTW, came via Southern Hospitality. Thanks for sharing ... also love the denim book cover!

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