Thursday, October 1

Tasty Ice Cream Cone Tights

In case you have not heard, tights are all the rage. Embellished tights especially. I’m not sure I saw anyone ob the runway with ice cream cones on their calves, but today for I Love to Create this is the Naughty Secretary Club interepretation of the trend.

Tulip Fashion Glitter
Paint Brush
Length of Calf Size Pipe
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Fine Tip Permanent Marker
Embroidery Pattern or image from Coloring Book
Clear Tape
Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond

Choose the image you want on your tights. Make sure that it is not super detailed and will be easy to paint and trace. I found that embroidery patterns and coloring book pages work awesome.

The hardware store is a wealth of crafty goodness. Hit the plumbing aisle for a length of tubing the size of your calf. Mailing tubes also work great.

Using tape attach your embroidery pattern to your tubing. put on your tights and mark with a washable marker where you want the ice cream cone. Stretch your tights over the tubing lining up the design with the mark on your tights.

Use a fine tip marker to trace the image onto your tights.

Using a paint brush and Tulip Soft Fabric Paint fill in the areas that you traced. A thin coat should work fine. Allow to dry completely.

Using Tulip Glitter Bond and a fine tip paint brush apply little marks to the top of the ice cream cone the size of candy sprinkles. Generously apply glitter and allow to dry. Shake off excess.

Cute as can be and ready to wear. I might adorn myself a few more pairs of tights and leggins once the weather gets cooler. If you have any hot burning Tulip Fashion Glitter Question don't forget the 10 Tips for Working with Glitter my sister Hope Perkins wrote.

P.S. Other fun fashionable pantyhose projects include making a necklace, embellished tights, silk screening, and peacock doodle tights.


apparentlyjessy said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! :)

Dry Clean Only said...

I hope it's okay, i've linked to this tutorial in my blog at

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