Monday, March 1

Blackbird Bliss Necklace

All this month in honor of March being National Craft Month, we will be bringing you a cool craft idea on this blog to inspire you! This week, all are projects are Awesome Accessories! Enjoy!

Let your creativity take flight with a stunning pendant! Turn a paper bag into a statement piece with Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®, a candle and Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™.

Blackbird Bliss Necklace designed by Pattie Wilkinson


– Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint
65407 Silver Metallics
– Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Tweezers
– 1/16” Hole punch
– Ruler
– Needle-nose pliers
– Candle
– Beads
– Closure
– Soft tissue
– Brown paper bag
– Jump rings
– Chain

1. Cut three 4” x 4” squares from paper bag.
2. Glue the three squares together, using a generous layer of Original Tacky Glue between squares.
3. Trace bird pattern on the paper and cut out.
4. Holding the paper with tweezers, cover the entire bird with glue, including the edges.
5. Hold the glue-covered bird over a lit candle, causing the glue to burn and turn black. (Technique not intended for children.)
6. When the entire bird is black, wipe extra soot away with a soft tissue.
7. Rub Silver Metallic paint over bird with finger for an antique look.
8. Punch holes in tail and beak as indicated on pattern.
9. Attach jump rings to the bird with needle-nose pliers. Add chain, beads and other jewelry findings to complete necklace as desired.

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Jeanette said...

You always amaze me with your ideas.

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