Wednesday, March 24

Wild Flower Frame

Aleene’s® Crafting Adhesives hold this project together for an adventurous walk on the wild side.

Aleene's® Paper Glaze
Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®
Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™ in BI15790 Crimson Red
– Plastic tablecloth
– Ruler
– Coffee filter
– Wood frame, 8” square
– Scissors
– Construction paper, red
– Wavy edge scissors
– Paintbrush, large
– Glass micro beads: black, red
– Paper, 12” square, zebra print
– Newspaper
– Pencil
– Craft knife
– Aluminum foil

1. Cover work surface with tablecloth. Lay frame onto work surface.
2. Apply Tacky Spray onto front of frame, following manufacturer’s instructions. Center zebra paper onto frame, smoothing out any bubbles. Cut an “X” from corner to corner of frame opening, using craft knife.
3. Apply Tacky Spray onto back of frame. Fold paper to back of frame, clipping corners so they lie flat.
4. Cut a strip of construction paper to fit along inside edge of frame opening. Glue into place, using Tacky Spray.
5. For flower, pour a half dollar size puddle of Paper Glaze onto foil. Add a dime size puddle of Crimson Red to tint Paper Glaze. Mix well. Apply a generous coat of mixture to cover half a page of newspaper, using brush. Let dry completely.
6. Trace coffee filter three times onto painted newspaper, using pencil. Cut out, using wavy edge scissors. Trim second circle ½” smaller and third circle 1” smaller.
7. Grasp back of one circle. Pinch center together. Twist, to shape into flower petal. Repeat for remaining circles. Glue medium petal onto largest petal, using Paper Glaze. Glue smallest petal into medium petal. Let dry.
8. Cut a 12” x 4” strip of painted newspaper. Coil strip to form center of flower. Glue into center, using Paper Glaze. Let dry.
9. Squeeze a thin line of Paper Glaze along edges of flower. Sprinkle a random pattern of micro beads onto wet glue. Let dry.
10. Apply a generous coat of Paper Glaze onto front of frame. Set flower onto left upper corner. Let dry overnight.

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mmarthaac said...

It's sooo cute like for your bff!

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