Friday, July 16

Loungy Lanterns

Lanterns are like sugar cookies. It should be a crime if they are left undecorated! Pick up a group of them and decorate them with different textures. All you need is glitter, tissue paper, yarn (you need white craft glue for that) and even paint drippings, which I covered with glitter. you can add crystals, foreign newsprint, stickers, etc...

Yarn-covered: Foam brush, Aleene's Original Tacky Glue and interesting multi-strand yarn. Work in three sections - top, middle and bottom. Coat the first section with the glue and wrap the yarn around. Kepp moving down. Because there will still be areas of wet glue, you can wrap the yarn diagonal too. To end it, simply hold your finger over the cut end in an area of wet glue (preferably on the bottom).

Glitter-covered: Foam brush, Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage, Crafty Chica glitters: Same thing, work section by section with the decoupge medium and glitter. Make sure to work over large paper so you can catch the overflow!

Tissue-paper: Foam brush, gift tissue, Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage Sparkles: Coat with medium, apply tissue paper where desired. I used the sparkles medium for extra twinkle power!

Paint/glitter-drip: Crafty Chica paints, Crafty Chica glitters: Pour the paint over the lantern and roll it around so it drips. While it is still wet, pour loose glitter over it. Hang to dry.

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