Friday, October 15

31 Days of DIY Halloween - Ba Ba Black Sheep Costume


This cute little guy belongs to one of our graphic designers, Edd Pilande and he wasn’t all that excited for his big photo op (we had to Photoshop in his face from another happy photo). But doesn’t he look adorable? For this cuddly sheep costume, I grabbed a bag of batting and glued it to a pair of black pj’s then I cut out the ears from felt and glued them onto a stocking cap with some more batting. Easy-peasy!

Materials List:
Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive
– Stocking cap, black
– Scissors
– Children's pajamas, black
– Felt squares, black (1) and brown (1)
– Straight pins
– Batting
– Patterns (click here)

1. Using pattern as a guide, cut two large ears from black felt and two small ears from brown felt.
2. Glue brown ears in the centers of the black ears with Fabric Fusion. Press pieces together to set. Let dry.
3. Pinch a pleat at the base of each ear and glue folds together. Pin together until dry.
4. Glue ears to sides of cap, pinning in place until dry.
5. Squeeze glue onto cap and press batting into glue, covering a 6-inch area at a time. Pin into place until dry. Repeat for batting on pajama top. Let dry and remove pins.

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