Thursday, November 11

Cozy & Cute Yarn Headband

Yesterday I got inspired to make a yarn wreath. Looking at all the pictures of the adorable wreaths out there really got my creative juices flowing. However, in true form I looked at the wreaths and thought to myself: how can I make these wreaths wearable? I don't mean literally - I mean using the same techniques on something besides a wreath. Join me on my weekly I Love to Create journey as I bust out the yarn and Tacky Glue!

Tacky Glue
Plastic Headband
Clothes Pins

Is there such a thing as sentimental yarn? This yarn belonged to my grandmother and I can remember her having it when I was a little girl knitting on an empty spool of thread will nails stuck in the top. I have always wanted to do something with the funky retro variegated yarn and a fall themed headband seemed perfect.

This project was super duper easy. I coated a section of my headband at a time with Tacky Glue and wrapped the yarn tightly around. The ends were a little tricky but that is where the clothes pins come in to hold all your handy work in place while the glue dries.

I wanted to incorporate some fall elements into my headband so I stole a few acorns from my neighbors yard. Shhhh don't tell. I used Tacky Glue to make sure their little toppers stayed on.

Nuts were not near enough pizazz for my special headband. I cut up felt, stapled ribbons and used Tacky Glue to make a cute little fall-ish arrangement.

Once the glue had dried on my arrangement all that was left to do was add it to my headband. I also trimmed up my yarn edges.

I know what I'm wearing to Thanksgiving dinner, at least in my hair.

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Unknown said...

i saw this on Parents mag. I thought it was super cute. Me and my girls collected some of those acorns and havent done anyting withthem yet. thanks for the idea.

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