Tuesday, March 8

Swimming in a Sea of Tie Dye

We were super busy late yesterday afternoon knocking out over 100+ shirts in our studios! Why did we make so many shirts in the same style and colors? Well, you know how you see the shirts on display in your local craft store? A lot of times we dye, paint, glitter, and spray them either here at our studios or our employees or freelance designers take them home to do them.

No joke...in the past month, over 5,000 shirts have been created and shipped out! Talk about a lot of work!! The shirts you see in stores don't magically appear, they take a lot of effort and coordination. We hope seeing them on display inspire you to pick up a box of tie dye or a bottle of paint so you can make your own!

Here's our team hard at work and a few in progress pics! It's much more fun (and faster) when we work as a team!

Tie dye madness

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