Friday, May 13

Crafty Chica's Fabric Patchwork Fanner

 Here in my hometown of Phoenix, the hot weather is making its way over. That means you have to think crafty in any way possible to keep cool. Aside from air conditioning at every opportunity, fans and water misters, I'm also loading up handheld fanners. But instead of buying boring ones, I'm making my own set to keep on the patio for outdoor BBQs, patio reading sessions, etc.

 The main ingredient is Aleene's® Stiffen-Quik™ Fabric Stiffening Spray.
 You'll also need:

- Assorted fabric pieces
- Clothes lines, clothes pins or freezer paper on a flat surface.
- Sewing machine or glue
- Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ Shimmer Transfer Sheets for embellishments
 - two long sticks
 - Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®

 Cut your swatches and set them on a flat surface. You can also pin them up on a clothesline. Spray generously with the fabric stiffener.

 Cut into strips. Using a rotary cutter makes it a lot easier! Sew into panels and then cut out two circles shapes, about 8" in diameter, each.

 Spray again with the stiffener.

 Both pieces should be SUPER soaked. You want them super stiff so they will work great as a fan.

 Let the two pieces dry. You can let them air dry on a flat surface like I did, or hang to dry. 
NOTE: You don't have to be as elaborate as this when it comes to making the round pieces. I wanted to have fun and use contrasting fabric. You can use one solid piece of fabric to make your two circles without all the patchwork. Just make sure you add a lot of stiffener!

 While those are drying, cut up your pieces of the Shimmer Transfer Sheets. Peel away the top coating. 
- Back to the fabric pieces - once they are dry, add Tacky Glue to both sides of the stick and set it between the two pieces. Make sure to leave enough for a handle! Also, add some glue around the backing of one of the sides. Press together and sew the edges. Sew all around the edges. 

 Once its dry, iron on the shimmer sheet shapes you cut out earlier! 

 Here is Maya, already putting my new fanner to good use!
Here is the other side of the fan!

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Pinka said...

What a fun idea! I also live in the Phoenix area and if there is any way to help in cutting down those a/c costs, I'm willing to give it a try! I've used that stiffener before on doilies and lace and it's awesome! Thanks for the idea! :-) :-)

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