Friday, May 20

easy printing on fabric

I have been working on a number of sewing projects, one being an art quilt to hang on the wall. And since I typically never buy printed fabric and instead make my own, I set out to create some unique quilt squares with lots of texture.

I am always trying to find new and different ways to create pattern and texture on the surface of fabric and paper and using simple materials is my favorite way! If you haven't heard of scratch foam then you are missing out! It is basically a thin piece of soft foam that can be scratched and "carved" into with simple tools. Made for kids but perfect to use in simple surface design projects when you are looking to transfer pattern and create texture. (a piece of regular recycled foam could also work)

I started by cutting out squares of scratch foam in the size of the squares that I want to quilt with.
Next I started drawing into the surface of with a chop stick- but you could use tooth picks, pens pencils or anything with a point.

I covered the entire surface of the scratch foam with my drawing (or doodle).

I created a few different surfaces with different designs.

Next, I grabbed a variety of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint- one of my favorite products to use when painting or printing on fabric- lots of fabulous colors to choose from and the best part is no heat setting required!

I covered the scratch foam with an even layer of fabric paint,

flipped the foam over and pressed down firmly onto the surface of plain white fabric.

and then pulled the scratch foam plate from fabric to reveal my design.
Note- this technique of printing pattern with the scratch foam is not going to get you perfect clean design every time (your should use block prints, stamps or event silkscreen if you want clean designs)- in fact each printing gives you something a little different and each and every print reveals some interesting and wonderful texture!

I printed all my different squares

and got lots of unique texture and pattern.

I covered the surface of about 1-2 yards of fabric.


Last, I cut out each square in preparation for designing my art quilt which will be coming soon :)
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