Thursday, July 7

Nothing Says Happy Birthday America Like Patriotic Face Paint

I hope you had a wondermous 4th of July that included lot's of watermelon and listening to "Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood at least once. Really, what is the 4th without Lee. Anyway... I spent the holiday with my parent's in my home town of McKinney, TX. In keeping with the quaint small town feel of things around here there was a 4th of July parade on the square that we attended. There were mini flags to wave, classic cars to look at, horses that pooped in front of us and face paint. Nothing says Happy Birthday America like patriotic face paint.

Sure I could have paid $5 bucks to have Tallulah's face painted at the parade, but why when I could do it myself with Tulip Body Art. The line comes in every color under the rainbow including red, white and blue. There are also body glitters, spray on tattoos, stencils and oodles more to play with.

I enlisted the help of my mom to paint a pair of stars on Tallulah's cheeks for the parade. All you do is mix the paint with a bit of water and it goes on really smooth. There is even a line of body paint paint brushes. I was super happy that the paint came off really easy with rubbing alcohol and didn't stain Tallulah's skin.

I know, I know 4th of July is 360 something days away, but let us not forget that Halloween is right around the corner. I'm thinking I might go as a Tretchikoff's painting, so I'm stocking up on green body paint. Plus, who needs a holiday for face paint. Tallulah has a birthday party to attend this week and I'm thinking of busting them out for fun. Rainy day with nothing to do, face paint. Feel like listening to Kiss in full face paint regalia, you can make it happen. Face paint is the kind of thing every mother should have in their arsenal of kiddlet entertainment options. I was sure glad this 4th of July that I did.

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