Tuesday, July 5

The Popsicle Dress

Today I'm going to show you how I took an old dress and spiced it up with some dye.  I now call it my popsicle dress.  (It reminds me of those big bomber popsicles I'd buy from the drug store as a kid.  Yum!  We'd save our money and then ride our bikes there.) 

The dress was one I had purchased a while back.  It fit well, but it was cream-colored and kind of blah on me.  I never found a shirt that matched it well either.  So, I decided it was time to play with my Tulip Dye kit.  I have never dyed fabric before.  The kit made it really easy.  It has bright pink, lime green, and bright blue in it.  It also includes some fun tools and a booklet showing you some different dyeing techniques.

  I went to the garage and hung up my dress (covering the ground underneath it).  I mixed up all three colors and used the spray bottle attachment.  (Here's the dress before.)

I sprayed lime green on top.  It was a lighter lime green, so I ended up spraying blue over the green to make it darker.  Then I sprayed just blue in the middle and then bright pink at the bottom.  The colors blend well if you do it quickly while it's all still wet.

It still fits well and it's still comfortable, but now it screams of summer fun.  Woo-hoo!  Bring on the popsicles and the fun, baby!

Now I'm looking through my closet to see what else I could dye.  It's pretty fun.

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Cheri is incredibly amazing and so talented I love following her blog she is a blast!


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