Saturday, July 16

Star Gazing Tote Project!

Get inspired by the celestial trend and make a super easy, stylish tote that you can load up with your favorite summer must-haves and head out the door.

Here's what you need:

A tote. I picked up this canvas tote bag fully lined at Walmart for a mere $10.Tulip Fabric Sprays in several colors. I chose Sapphire, Dark Teal, Black, and Grape.
Tulip Glam-It-Up Crystals and cordless heat setting tool

Here's how you make it:

To create the look of a night sky, spray your tote with the Sapphire color first. Spray completely around the bottom of the tote.Next, spray the Dark Teal above the Sapphire color, letting the overspray blend the two colors.Spray Asphalt (black) on the bottom area of the bag. Be careful not to cover too much of the Sapphire and Dark Teal.Finally, spray on light touches of Grape here and there. Let dry.

To create twinkling lights in your sky, use the heat tool to randomly apply the crystals. It takes about 10 seconds per crystal. Use as many as you like.

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Unknown said...

Ah very cool. Great gift idea, maybe for myself!

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