Tuesday, October 4

Fun With Tulip Body Art

In preparation for Halloween, I told my nieces and nephews I would bring all my face painting stuff to a family dinner so we could practice.  I found out I'm definitely not a face painting pro, but we all had some serious fun.  

Each child took a turn, requesting any random thing he or she could think of for me to paint.  I was really excited to try out my Tulip Body Art supplies.

Here's our work:

Naturally, my son wanted a superhero mask.  I know some schools don't let kids wear masks for Halloween, so this would be a great alternative.  The paint went on quite opaque.  That's great because little kids don't hold still enough for second coats.

One niece wanted big eye make up with glitter and then swirls all over.  Like I said, I'm not an expert.  Let's call this one the exotic mermaid princess?

Another niece wanted pink and glitter.  The body art kit has this glue you spread on and then blot with glitter.  It's cool stuff.

On nephew wanted the Cars logo.  That was a bit tricky, but we made it work.

Of course there had to be some Batman action.  (I think I might have made the mask look more like Cat Woman.  Whoops :)

And one nephew let me practice my beard that I'll paint on my youngest son for his viking costume for Halloween.  (Don't worry folks.  It's root beer.)

I just might bring out the face paints a little more often.  It was like having our own little carnival.  The kids loved it and the Tulip face and body paint we used isn't hard to wash off.  (I was a little nervous that my sisters were going to kill me if it was hard to wash off.  No worries.  It was a breeze.  Whew!)


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