Thursday, November 3

Fall Themed Polka Dots and Patterns Collage

A million and one years ago my friend Tina Sparkles made art out vintage patterns. A year or so ago I found a vintage Vogue pattern book at an antique mall and it has sat on a shelf in my studio until recently when I started thinking about Tina. I have one of her pieces of art hanging in my bathroom. The piece is a pattern from the 40's attached to a hand painted canvas and adorned with glitter. Looking at this piece and remembering my own book of patterns I had the sudden urge to create my own version in fall colors.

I gathered an assortment of collage supplies like wallpaper, Collage Pauge, fabric, picture frames, scissors and Tacky Glue. At this point I was not sure where my fall themed arty journey was going to take me.

After I chose a lovely lady to work with from the pattern book I cut her out. I then held her to a window and traced the outline of her dress onto a sheet of white paper. I cut out the paper dress and traced that onto a piece of vintage floral fabric. I cut the fabric dress out and attached it to my paper doll using Tacky Glue.

Also using Tacky Glue I attached a piece of white and orange polka dotted fabric to the backside of a picture frame. I then adhered my girl in her new dress and sealed up the frame.

I liked the idea of adding some dimension to the glass side of the picture frame as well. Using Tacky Glue and a bit of vintage plastic chain I gave this brunette beauty a smashing new necklace.

I'm thinking of making a whole series in fall themed dresses to adorn the house with this November. What do you think? I usually go straight from Halloween to Christmas, but for these collages I might make an exception.

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Home of the Fairy Smasher said...

Love this! Great ideas and wonderful finished products!

Kelley said...

This is spectacular, only I'm afraid I would lean toward making multiple photocopies first before using the "paperdoll." You could feature a stole, a jacket, a skirt, legs and shoes, a handbag, a hat, a coat-- and with only one paperdoll!

Love this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Colleen said...

I'd love to share this fun idea, including the main photo of the project on my blog on Nov. 30th, 2012. I hope it is OK to use a photo as I can't find copyright info on the blog. Please let me know if it is not OK.

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