Wednesday, December 7

MAYA IN THE MOMENT CRAFT: Holiday Tinsel Bracelet

 This is a really crazy fun project to make with your friends. I LOVE getting in the holiday spirit and blasting it out in a super sparkly way. One of the ways I've been doing that this season is by making these tinsel bracelets. They are addicting to make as they are fun to wear.

 This is what you need:

- bracelet blank. I used one from DIY Bangles, but you can make your own from cardboard or anything.TIP: Get a bracelet that is one size LARGER than your wrist because after you apply the tinsel, it will be smaller.
- Aleene's Tacky Glue (my favorite is called Fast Grab because it is super thick an
- Metallic tinsel, about 12"
- Assorted little holiday charms and toys. You can find these in the miniature objects section of the craft store. My mom got these from Silver Crow Creations

 Apply the glue inside the bracelet and spread it around with your finger. Next, wrap the bracelet with the tinsel. Let dry.

 Use scissors to give the tinsel a massive haircut! Cut away from the inside and the outside of the bracelet as much as you can.

 Choose your items and glue them in place. You can use clothespins to keep them in place while the glue dries. Also add little crystals and anything to liven up your bracelet.

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Sharon S. said...

Totally making this!!

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