Thursday, December 8

Recycled Board Book Lacing Cards

Welcome to our week long series on handmade stocking stuffers. First up we have recycled board book lacing cards. Sure you could buy lacing cards, but why not make your own with one of those countless board books you have flopping around with a broken spine.

Beat up Board Book
Sheep(ish) Yarn
Large Plastic Needle
Aleene's Paper Glaze

The first thing I did was choose my book and cut out my cards. You are going to want to choose a board book with thick cardboard pages. After some serious toddler wear and tear I have several books that are falling apart and begging to be made over. Once you have your book, cut out the images you want to use as your lacing cards.

I used a Crop-a-Dile to punch holes in my cards, but you could also use a drill. Place the holes wherever you want.

To seal the edges and keep them from splitting I used Aleene's Paper Glaze. Allow to dry completely.

All that is left to do is cut some strands of yarn. I used my friend Vickie Howell's yarn Sheep(ish). You will also need a large plastic sewing needle. Be sure to supervise the wee one doing the sewing if they are still prone to putting small things in their mouth.

I wrapped my set of cards up with colorful strands of yarn and all that is left to do is pop it into a stocking.

Check back every day for the next week for more handmade stocking stuffer ideas. Be sure to check out my other Christmas craft ideas here.

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