Thursday, February 16

Fabric Fireplace Screen

My fireplace has long been the bane of my home decorating existence. The fireplace is made of stone and has no mantle. The stone is very textured making it hard to hang anything. Living in Texas we don't have fireplace weather very often. That being the case 364 out of 365 days I stare at an empty soot covered hole. Finally, this past weekend my mother and I came up with a solution. Using some of the fabric I had leftover from Tallulah's bedroom we created a fabric covered fireplace screen.

Foam Board
Liquid Fusion Glue
2 thin flat boards
Strips of magnet
Measuring Tape

The first thing I did was measure my fireplace. I then used those measurements to cut my foam board to the size I needed.

After I ironed the fabric (well ok, after my mom ironed the fabric) we wrapped the foam board like a package.

We used Liquid Fusion Glue to adhere the fabric to the board.

I didn't want to use wood board for fear one of my kids would pull the screen down on them. There is an existing piece of metal in the fireplace that houses the chainmail screen. I thought attaching a piece of lightweight foam board with magnets would be my best bet. However, with foam board I run the risk of one of those same kids pushing on the screen and breaking it in the middle. To prevent this we glued two thin boards across the back with Liquid Fusion Glue.

Using Liquid Fusion Glue we attached the magnet tape to the upper backside of the foam board. The magnet tape has sticky on the back, but it sucks and needed some extra help.

Most people hang art over the fireplace, I put mine in the fireplace. The colorful fabric print is busy enough that I'm not sure I need to hang anything else. Maybe I can finally be at peace with my stone fireplace thanks to my new fabric screen. It has only taken me 10 years to get here. Now why didn't I think of that sooner.

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Jane said...

That's a great idea! I'm wondering if I should do that to cover the large black TV that is such an eyesore in my living room? Thanks for the inspiration!

fireplace screen said...

It's easy to become blinded by the beauty of your fireplace screen and forget the most critical part to the screen working properly and that is sizing it correctly. Do it wrong and even the best fireplace screen can leave you and your family in danger.

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