Thursday, March 29

DIY Screenprinting Video with the NEW Tulip ScreenIt!

Screenprinting is not hard, when you use the NEW Tulip ScreenIt from iLoveToCreate!

This quick screenprinting tutorial was so much fun to tape at the 2012 CHA Tradeshow in January.  It was shot by the folks at When Creativity Knocks, and is one of the 'manufacturer must haves' at the trade show. It's actually an introduction to this really amazing new machine that we are happy to announce.

I'm serious when I say that it's super easy to do screenprinting with this fabulous ScreenIt machine, and I will be using one of these at home and at iLoveToCreate for cool t-shirts, totes, home decor, and more!  You'll need to check back later for the date on when it will be available on our website, and some really fun projects, so be on the look out for it!

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Craft on!


chrissie said...

any clue on when it will be available. Michaels Arts and Crafts and Walmart are listed as retailers but no one has it or has a clue. Any info on the retail price? or where to find it?

Avie said...

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