Monday, April 16

Tie Dyed Hula Hoop wall art + video DIY

Give tired wall decor the boot and display your creative side with these hip and easy-to-make wall hangings. Tulip® One-Step Tie Dye™ offers a world of color for a creation that will run circles around your average framed art. Either follow the instructions on our iLoveToCreate project page or watch the featured video below! Pattiewack shows you step by step how to make these fun hula hoop creations!

These look really great when layered together! They'd also make a fun headboard for a kids bed!


Syaifullah sip said...

wow, it's simple and biauty

EthanJoushu said...

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Kids Hula Hoops said...

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Unknown said...

Very cool! I am thinking that I could use wire hangers too! Liquid water colors, koolaid, mustard.... anything that would stain! Cool!

emsoftware said...

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Unknown said...

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Mandala Wall hanging said...

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Unknown said...

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Mandala Wall tapestry said...

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mandala tapestry said...

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Unknown said...

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rishabh said...

Awesome wall arts. It will look so good on my house's walls with my mandala tapestry.

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