Monday, June 25

Kristin's Mid-Century Rainbow Inspired Office!


We have many colorful personalities here at iLoveToCreate. One of those is Kristin Bibb, our Director of Customer Loyalty!  Kristin recently got a new office space and instantly went to work infusing her own design and décor sensibilities! It's a mid century colorful! Of course, she used some iLoveToCreate products along the way.  Let's take a little tour!


Kristin did a large crayon art canvas in a rainbow of colors.  She used our Aleene's Fast Grab to attach the crayons and then a hair dryer to melt them to make the abstract art.  She repainted some inexpensive toile containers grey to better match her room as well!


This is a conference-like table Kristin created to hold impromptu meetings at with her team.  Don't you just love that she used an old door for the table. Such a genius idea!


We love the pop of aqua and crystal doorknob too!


Kristin printed out some phrases that she connects with and put them into some spray painted frames! She mixed and matched them with some colorful paint swirled jars she made with our Tulip Soft Paints!


Here's a detail of the marble jars.  Pretty, huh??


Pretty, pretty pencils and a Pattiewack pompom


Here's another canvas art that Kristin did.  Another cool take on the crayon art idea, this time using Tulip Soft and 3D paints.


Love the detail of the paint drips, don't you?


And finally, here's another view of the space!  The wooden chair is from her Grandmother's house and the curtains she made herself to adorn her glass windows! The desk is a piece from the 60's she found in our warehouse! Score!


And on a TOTALLY random note :) ... Kristin asked that we showcase one of her absolutely favorite things! She can't get enough of these Heinz Dip and Squeeze ketchups!  She's quite obsessed with it and gummy bears.  She's affectionally called Gummi-Bibb around the office! Haha!


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