Thursday, June 14

MAYA IN THE MOMENT: Father's Day Dish Set!

This week I got to spend some time in Fresno at the iLoveToCreate studios. I decided to make a dish set for my dad using Duncan Bisque and Concepts paints! My dad's favorite colors are red, yellow and green, so I started from there. If you like this idea, visit your local ceramic orpaint on pottery studio and do a set for your pop too! I'm not the best at drawing, but I just let myself have fun!

Here are the supplies I started with - paints, bisque, assorted brushes!

You can use blue painter's tape to create stripes. On this plate, I traced my dad's profile to make a silhouette.

Here is the bowl!

Once you finish the design, you have tomake the dishes food safe and to do that, you need to add a coat or two of Pure Brilliance. This will act as a clear glaze on top of your painted designs. Fire in the kiln at cone 6.

 Finished pieces! I love them, I hope my dad doesn't read this so he'll be surprised on Sunday!

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Happy Father's Day!!!

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JoJo said...

Very cute! love the vibrant colours. I'm sure he's gonna love them!!

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