Friday, November 30

CRAFTY CHICA: Glass Jar Craft Ideas

1. Tree in a jar. Earlier this month I had a whirlwind trip to Miami and spent an evening window shopping with my friend, Pearmama. We wandered into Anthropologie and I gasped when I saw these fun jar decorations. They're made from Mason jars, mini-jars and salt shakers. They're filled with faux snow and have a little object inside. No water, glycerin, etc. Pretty simple. Priced starting at $18, I knew I wanted to come home and make some.

2. Also spotted - these hanging glass dome ornaments! They look like little fish bowls turned upside down and glued to cardboard. I got all excited and realized...I've actually made and shared several jar crafts! Here are my versions and then I'll show you some others I found online and from my crafty amigas! I think we should all make jar crafts this season!

3. Bottle Picture Frame. This is a Starbucks Frapuccino jar. I removed the label and inserted a family photo with some other objects. I used rub-on letters and accents and then tied a little medal at the front.


4. Candle Jar Shrine. These little shrines, I assembled using glass candles holders (you can also use small juice glasses). I didn't only decorate the inside, but also on top too! Here are the project directions.

Photo by Cyndi Coon of Lovely Lula

5. Message in a Jar. Also this month, I helped organize the 3rd Annual Phoenix Craft Rave. My co-organizer, Cyndi Coon, hosted a DIY make-and-take project called "Message in a Jar." This was sooo cute, people loved it. This would be a great project for a girls night out craft or a wedding shower, etc. Here is a little video I recorded for you! (Pardon my shaky camera skills).

Photo by Jaimee  Rose

6. Bell jars! This is from another friend of mine, Jaimee Rose. She has a whole blog post all about bell jars! Very inspiring!
Photo by Jaimee Rose.
Her mom makes them every year and fills them with memory objects!

Photo by Taylor Swift.

7. Snowglobe in a Jar. Us crafties have been making these for years, but Taylor Swift gave them a new sense of popularity when she made these for her friends and posted it on her Facebook page last year. Need a tutorial? I have one!

Soooo...are you inspired to use jars n your crafting this season? What are you planning to make? Wouldn't it be fun to incorporate glass etching too? Which is your favorite jar craft? What else can you do with jars? Am I overloading you with questions?

Kathy :-)


JoJo said...

I just made a snowglobe out of a pickle jar. Do NOT use epoxy. I don't like glue guns so I went with epoxy and it stinks so bad I had to leave the project outside for days and days to air out.

Kara Renee said...

Oh I love all of these!! I've saved so many mason jars but no idea why! Thanks girl. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to do snow globes ...........any1 know what to use ,i've tried baby oil , does any1 know

HawaiianLibrarian said...

Aloha Kathy! I LOVE Message in a Bottle, or as you said, Storyteller in a Jar. Combining the 2, I'm thinking elementary school children could make a diorama, in a jar, of their favorite story or character w/ a positive affirmation tag attached, at a library program. We could recycle publishers' catalogs for book illustrations! What a dynamic desk decoration! Mahalo.

laithienvyo said...

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