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52 weeks of Art Plates with Laura Fraedrich: Week 1-6

Hello iLoveToCreate® Blog fans! My name is Laura Fraedrich and I am a mixed media and ceramic artist who gets to work at the happiest place on earth….iLoveToCreate®! I work on the Ceramics team and although I’m supposed to be a salesperson, I just can’t keep my hands off of all the Duncan® glazes and bisque pieces that I work around everyday. I am addicted to painting ceramics and no naked piece of bisque is safe in my presence. It won’t be naked for long!

I’m definitely not what you would call a ‘traditional’ ceramics painter. I’m more, how should I put this… experimental. I love to combine techniques that I use in my mixed media art on my ceramic projects. I love to break the rules and have a hard time following instructions because I’m always trying to write my own. I also love to find new uses for classic products. My latest obsession is trying to achieve the look of art journaling pages onto ceramic plates. I’ve given myself a personal challenge to complete one plate each week for all of 2013, so when the year is over I will have a series of 52. I am currently working on plate number 7 and have been asked to share the progression of my plate-a-week challenge with you here on the iLoveToCreate® blog. It would be my pleasure! Let me catch you up with the first six plates. I write about them in more detail on my personal blog – The Peculiar Palette – if you’d like to read more…

Let me catch you up with the first six plates. I write about them in more detail on my personal blog – The Peculiar Palette – if you’d like to read more…

Plate # 1 – New Year’s Resolution 
This is what I resolve to do in 2013, in addition to my plate-a-week challenge. 
I’m going to be a busy girl.
Plate #2 – Poetic Picassoness
This is one of my favorite quotes by Pablo Picasso. I can relate to it because anytime I have a lump of clay or a paintbrush in my hand, I forget all the things I would otherwise be worrying about. I’m sure you can relate too! 
Plate #3 – I Just Can’t Get Enough of You, Pablo
This is another great quote from Picasso and fits my plate-a-week challenge perfectly. I’m going to be keeping my diary on ceramics this year! 
Plate #4 – The Art of Stacking Rocks
This is a quote from another one of my favorite artists, Henri Matisse, which fits well with my ode to Cairns (stacked rocks). 
Plate #5 – Complementary Fonts
This plate was inspired by a project I saw in a recent issue of Somerset Studios by Gail Russakov. I love how she combined different textures and colors, so I wanted to create something similar using a wide variety of Duncan® glazes.
Plate #6 – Happy Birthday to Me
You guessed it! I made this one the week of my birthday. It’s a quote from the Beatles song, It’s All Too Much. I can’t say I have ever heard the song, but I sure do like the lyric! Thanks, George Harrison. That brings you up to speed! I look forward to sharing my next 46 plates with you. 

Until next time! 


Blissmade Designs said...

These are fantastic! I look forward to the upcoming plates! said...

These are so pretty,could never run out ideas .( I hope ) lol...Good Luck keep up good work...Cookie 17

Unknown said...

Can u show us how to make these

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in this project, although I'm not an artist (not even close). But for some crazy reason, I love ceramics.
So, when does #7 and #8 begin? And, what is the cost of the class; do we but our own supplies, or order them through you?
Most importantly,please let me know when the class begins, since we are traveling around the middle of April.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

these are wonderful! I would like to learn how these are made . . (y)

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