Thursday, March 14

Vintage Wallpaper Covered Message Center

If I forget to grab butter one more time at the grocery store, my kids might kill me. Grilled cheese is just not the same without it. If only I had a message center of some sort in my kitchen where I could keep a running grocery list at all times. Out of honey, put it on the list. About to have a milk-mergency, put it on the list. Then there is that whole stainless (AKA not magnetic) fridge thing. My kids are crafty and proud and want their handiwork on display. Something had to be done. I was flipping through the first issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 and remembered a great project from Jaime Favors of Raising Up Rubies. She made a message center out of a cookie sheet. Hmmm, my wheels were turning.

I didn’t have a spare cookie sheet on hand, but I did have a metal board I had picked up from Ikea. I intended to hang it in my son’s room, but I was never able to find a spot for it. Instead of having this magnet board gather dust I decided to give it a face-lift with some vintage wall paper.

Aleene's Tacky Glue
Vintage Wall Paper (you could also use wrapping paper, fabric, scrap booking paper)
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Spray
Clip Board
Basic Grey Embellishments

I didn’t have a piece of wall paper quite large enough to fit on my board. No worries I just got creative with a ruler and scissors and made it work. I also cut a piece to fit on my clipboard. Luckily, the pattern is busy enough where it is not really an issue.

Using Aleene’s Tacky Spray Glue (man, I love this stuff) I attached the wall paper to the board and clipboard. Allow to dry 30 minutes (ish).

Once everything is dry trim any rough edges. After that I used plain old Tacky Glue to attach the clipboard and clothespin to the magnet board.

It seemed only fitting to make some custom magnets for my new message center. I'm kinda obsessed with paper crafting lately so I just happen to have some fun embellishments from Basic Grey on hand. I used Tacky Glue to attach the embellishments to the magnets.

I'm lovin' the way my new message center turned out. So much so it is kinda breaking my heart to cover the groovy wrapping paper with soy sauce stained menus.


Unknown said...

Van Halen! Hall & Oates! Woo!

Unknown said...

nice vintage wallpaper computer tricks

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