Friday, April 12

Alphabet Ombre Tote Bag Tutorial

I'm not usually a big fan of foam stickers. My kids love them and play with them all the time. After watching a video by Dear Lizzy where she painted some foam stickers with an ombre effect I was inspired. I remembered a fun alphabet tote bag from an issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 and I was off with a handful of my kid's stickers and some spray dye.

Foam Stickers
Tote Bag
Tulip Cool Color Spray

The first you want to do is wash your tote bag to remove any sizing. After your tote bag dries adorn with stickers of your choice. I went with an alphabet theme. Be sure to hang some of your stickers off the edges.

Once your bag is coated you can start to spray. I used a red, hot pink and then added some light pink paint to a pink glitter spray. Spray the three levels with some slight overlap for an ombre effect.

Allow your tote bag to dry completely and remove stickers. I love the way the bag turned out. I already have visions of making a dinosaur T-shirt version.


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