Wednesday, April 3

I was Crafty When Crafty Wasn't Cool Canvas Puffy Art

Working on site at iLoveToCreate, we are surrounded by tons and tons of colorful and crafty products.   So I'm always super excited when I see a clever use for one these products on the web.  Sometimes I just have to break out the Puffy Paint or Tacky Glue and give it a try!  I have been inspired for quite a while by this word art canvas that went viral on Pinterest by blogger Virginia and Charlie.  I finally had a chance to try it out for myself last week and I'm so happy with the results.  It's such a fun and easy way to get a customized look with your favorite quote art.  I chose one of my favorites that I created...I was crafty when crafty wasn't cool.  I've included the pattern below so you can download it for yourself!

What you need: Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paints in various colors (I used a rainbow of colors)
–8x10 canvas
– wax paper
–foam brush or paintbrush
Place wax paper on top of phrase and use the Tulip 3D Paint to outline on top of the letters. Don't worry if you make a mistake!   You can make as many letters as you need to using this method!
Carefully peel off the letters.  If there's a little wax residue, it's not a big deal.
Now brush Collage Pauge all over the canvas to seal it (a nice alternative to gesso).
While the Collage Pauge is still wet, apply the letters back into the placement that
appeared on your printout.  Paint another layer of Collage Pauge on top for added security to the canvas.  The Collage Pauge will dry clear.

I love how it turned out!  Now I want to do more quotes and designs using this method. It's so cool!


Anonymous said...

I love this! I have to try this ASAP!

Hovawart said...

Could you also put the paint on the plastic side of butcher/freezer paper? Could you try it and let us know?

Anazaqat said...

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Fnaf said...

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HopeO said...

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Anonymous said...

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