Friday, May 24

12 Crafty Uses for Corks

Do you have a collection of corks and don't know what to do with them?  These little winestoppers are the perfect thing to craft with and will add a rustic, yet functional and decorative charm to your home! We've rounded up some great projects using corks, a little glue, and a lot of creativity!  Check them out! 
Line the inside of a tray with corks and add a painted monogram touch in this cork tray project from Pattiewack for iLoveToCreate.
How about dipping your corks in dye (Tulip Tie Dye would be a good bet) and piece them together like blogger DIY Trix did for these cork coasters.
Corks make a pretty planter with personality. Make this cork flower pot planter with The WineABe.
Pattiewack made these super cute keychains using an eye screw, cork, and keychain ring. Super fun, easy and crafty!  And a great (and cheap) gift to give to your girlfriends!
Made by Girl made this awesome monogrammed letter using corks to personalize her room.
This cork necklace from Family Chic is such a cool way to use corks for jewelry.
This wine corkboard by Vinyl & Vinyl makes a great organization board.
April Agnes made mini wine cork succulent planters using corks. 
Make sneaky snakes using corks with Sophie World.
Corks make great stamps like these from Family Sponge.
Wine Folly shows you how to make a wreath out of wine corks.  Such a cool idea that makes a statement!
Layer corks around a mirror like The Lipstick Giraffe did in this project.

We simply love cork projects. Which one of these was your favorite?


Anke (anke-art) said...

Oh lovely, especially those snakes are awesome! Two days ago I came across this cute tutorial for cork pendants, I think they make a nice addition to your list:
Upcycled Wine Cork Pendants

functional art said...

That wreath is really beautiful! But at the maybe 4 bottles a year we go through I'm going to be saving up for a long time ;)

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