Thursday, May 16

Diy Wooden Henna Bangle

Hey guys! 
So summer is just around the corner! The perfect weather for that easy, breezy beach look....
-and whats a beach look without a little arm swag right?-

Well ...I've found the perfect, thought-filled gifts for the women in my life and a super easy method to make a really creative and individualized bangle.

The folks over at DIY Bangles have these awesome wooden bangles that come in a bunch of sizes and different styles to help you make the perfect choice for your personality.
What You Need:
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Gold
Painter's Tape
Base-coat your bangle with Tulip Soft fabric paint and let dry. I used gold on the outside and black on the inside to give a bit of contrast.  
I used some painters tape around the edges to keep the black from covering the gold paint. 
Next, using the Tulip fabric spray, give your bangle a few light spritzes in varying colors.  
Next, I used some Collage Pauge with sparkles in it to give the base of the bangle a bit of shine.  I even added a generous helping of the white  Tulip Fashion Glitter to really give it some 
karate-kick-realness (I suppose that, in my dictionary, that just means to make it cooler! lol).
Since I painted the inside of my bracelet black, I added some black Crafty Chica glitter to the Collage Pauge to give the inside some more dimension and sparkle *jazz hands* 

I used the Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint  to make a design over the surface of the bangle.   I got some inspiration from a few henna designs that I found on the internet.  
The dimensional paint took some getting use to, but once I got the hang of it, it was totally easy to manipulate the size and thickness of the lines.  
Once the Dimensional paint dried, I used some paint markers I had laying around to color
 in the design.

 The last step is to coat the entire bangle with the high-gloss Collage Pauge (without sparkles) to seal the bangle and give it a really nice finish.

Here's the finished bangle:
The brighter and more colorful, the better!  Experiment with different colors and techniques.

Get that glitter all up in there!!!

But most of all DO YOU! Do your own thing because nothing is cooler than a creation from your own imagination 

until next time,
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Unknown said...

Cool bracelet!

Unknown said...

Love it!!

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