Tuesday, June 4

Fingerprint Balloon Pillow

I long time ago I came across a cute poster with a bike that had balloons tied to it.  I thought it would make a great pillow and our pillow covers are really worn out.  Here's how it came out.

I started with a blank pillow cover which I found at Ikea.  It was a few dollars and it has a nice zipper in it which is great for washing.  I created a freezer paper stencil of a bike.  (If you've never tried freezer paper stenciling I have a how to video HERE.)  You cut the paper and then iron it onto the fabric to seal it on.  I usually use paint with these stencils, but I thought I'd go for fabric markers this time around.

With a stencil it's super easy.  Even if you color out of the lines, it won't show because the stencil is forgiving.

Peel it off and your image is perfect.  After I removed the stencil I added a few lines for balloon strings.

Then colored my finger with Tulip fabric markers and stamped it to create ballooons.

I also use the Scribbles fabric stamp pads to get a wider variety of colors.  The finger stamping is really easy.  You can't do it incorrectly.

And here's the finished pillow.

 I think it would make a cute shirt as well.


Lauren @ The Thinking Closet said...

Oh my gosh. I'm in love! I especially love the sweet colors of the balloons. Pinning this so I can try my hand at it (pun intended) soon.

The Thinking Closet

Precious.S2 Photography said...

whoa! I would wear a shirt with that on it!

Photography: http://preciouss2photo.blogspot.com
Lifestyle & Mix: http://sprinkleorainbow.wordpress.com

Sarah St-McGoodbody said...

Oh my goodness this is so cute! It reminds me of the fingerprint guestbooks that are trending at wedding at the moment.

Lydia @ Huckleberry Love said...

So cute! And a great project that the kiddos could help with, too!

Magical Daydream said...

This is so cute! I gave my boyfriend a tandem bike for his birthday last year. I tied a lot of balloons to it: this is our bike!!! :D



Shabby Passion said...

Oh my, this is simply fantastic! what a great idea!!

thanks for sharing, ciaoo

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Anonymous said...

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