Thursday, June 20

Summer Spoons Starburst Mirror

I just bought a new house I am itching to decorate. Top things on the list new couches, subway tile backsplash and fancy hallway mirror. I'm thinking tile and couches will be tricky to DIY. However, a starburst mirror is totally doable..


Aleene's Tacky Glue

Hot Glue and Gun

Pink Serving Spoons

Pink Serving Tray

Pizza Tin

Round Mirror

The hardest part of this project is getting the price tags off the plastic spoons. I scored mine at the party store and it took soap, hot water, scrubbing, olive oil, alcohol and finally WD40 to get the sticky off. Once you have clean spoons, the rest of the project is super duper easy.

What you use as a base for your mirror is totally up to you. I used a combination of acrylic neon pink serving tray and pizza pan. Use Tacky Glue to adhere these two parts together. Next using Tacky Glue attach your mirror to the center.

Lay your spoons out around the edge of your mirror and choose a pattern. Remember you want as much spoon as possible to touch the base (more contact to glue).

Using a hot glue gun attach your spoons around the edge.

All that was left to do was hang my mirror. The new house has a pool, I'm thinking this little gem might go on the patio.


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