Wednesday, July 3

How To Decorate A Summer Hat!

It's summertime! That means bring your summer fashion game. It also means protecting yourself from the harsh sun rays. That doesn't mean you can't do in style! 
Here's an easy diy on how to decorate your summer hat! With this project, you can make several decorated ribbon bands to go around your hat, giving it different looks whenever you want!


 First, measure your hat, then cut your ribbon according to size. Make sure to cut your ends with pinking shears!

Shimmer sheet: Place it glue side up on the ironing board and set your ribbon on top. Use a pressing cloth to carefully iron it in place. Cut off the extra. Repeat for the rest of the length of the ribbon.

For the gems, put the Tacky Dots   on the back of the gems, then simply place them on the ribbon! After this, place a tacky dot on the back of your hat to connect the ribbon. I used one, but for security you can place them around the hat.

Other ideas - Use Puffy Paint, paint or stencils and glitter!
Go enjoy your summer!

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