Sunday, July 7

Mixed Media - How to Get the Entire Family Involved

I have had this giant canvas living in my garage for quite sometime. I spotted the picture at a Goodwill and thought: "one day I will do something with this". With my impending move it was time to make a life choice. I can't pack and move every "maybe one day" item in my garage. It was too hot to play outside so I decided to play mixed media in the AC with the kids instead.


Large Canvas

Any craft/art supplies you can get your hands on.
The kids and I set to work using paint, markers, stencils and stamps. There is not a right or wrong to do a project like this, the most important thing is to have fun. I wanted everyone in the family to be involved so even my husband Chris scribbled some song lyrics.
Since I was channeling my inner Traci Bautista and was trying to collage unleashed it seemed only right to use her sparkly Collage Pauge to adhere some circles I punched from old books.

After the fam had created a nice chaotic base layer on the piece I went in and painted a zebra in a tutu. Oh ya and that zebra is throwing snowballs. I think it will look amazing in our new house. What do you think?

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Unknown said...

I LOVE this! You all did a great job. I think it will look super in your new house. I would like to do something in mixed media for my sewing studio.

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