Tuesday, August 13

Decoupaged Wooden Arrows

Right now I'm working on a little organizational wall for my boys where their chort charts hung up and  their artwork will be displayed.  I wanted the space to feel like a gallery wall and I decided to add these arrows to the wall for a fun pop of color.  While my signs are arrows, you can use this concept to make others types of signs or even to recover old frames.

What you need:

– Something to cover (a box, a frame, etc. My arrows were found at Wal-mart.)– Collage Pauge (I used the matte finish.)– Tulip foam brush
– Fabric of your choice
 It's easiest to cover a flat surface, rather than trying to cover beveled edges.  So, I painted the edges of my arrows a coordinating color so I didn't have to worry about cutting tiny strips of fabric for the edges.
 To create a pattern for the arrow I placed paper over the top of it and then rubbed a pencil along the edges of the arrow.  See how the colored pencil leaves a perfect outline of the shape?
 I cut out the paper arrow and then traced it onto my fabric.  Then I cut the arrow out of the fabric.
 I added a layer of Collage Pauge to the arrow first using my foam brush ....
 ...and then laid the fabric on top of it.  Then I spread another layer of Collage Pauge onto the fabric.
 It looks like this after spreading it on, but it quickly dries clear.
 The arrows will add a bit of fun to the boys' wall and it brings all the colors of their rooms together.

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