Friday, August 9

Make Your Own Rainbow Yarn

I love to crochet and I love to use 100% cotton yarn, but it was hard to find vibrant rainbow skiens in the colors I wanted (ie: BRIGHT). So I came up with a method to this DIY rainbow yarn project. It's really easy,I hope you give it a try!

3 skeins of cotton yarn
Grid to lift yarn off surface of table
That's it, the rest is in the kit!

1. Wet the yarn, blot dry.
2. Mix up the dye colors.
3.  Line your workspace with a plastic cover, put on the gloves, set out the grid.
4. Set yarn on top and add one color at a time, section by section. 
5. Cover with plastic, let set for six hours.
6. Unwrap, tie with rubberbands, wash in cold water in machine, dry in dryer.
7. Wrap in a ball.

Here is a video I made showing how to make your own rainbow yarn!



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