Thursday, August 1

Tie-Dye T-Shirt Necklaces

If you find yourself near a Hobby Lobby this Saturday chances are good that you might come across an I Love to Create blogger like myself whipping up some tie-dye magic. This coming Saturday I'll be in Round Rock and would love to see your smiling face. Bring your own pre-washed T-shirt and I'll get it all dyed up for you. After all of these demos I am amassing quite the collection of tie-dye shirts. My husband has incorporated them in to his wardrobe happily, but I stole a few from his drawers and decided to make them into jewelry. You know me, if it will sit still long enough I will make it into jewelry.


Tie-Dye Shirts

Did I mention that tie-dye is really easy to do? Like ridiculously easy. Pre-wash shirt, twist it up, bind it with rubber bands, add water to dye bottles, shake, dye, wait 6 hours, wash, wear. I always thought there was salt and hot water involved, but no.
When your tie-dye shirt is dry cut it up. I started at the bottom and made big T-shirt Rings. Each ring was about 1" thick. When your ring is cut stretch like salt water taffey. This will elongate your T-shirt strips and make them necklace ready.

The style of necklace you go with is totally up to you. Make as may or as few rings as you like depending on how thick you want your necklace. When I had several stretched tie-dye hoops I made a t-shirt yarn "bead" to accent one side and attach everything.
Tie-dye T-shirt yarn is super versatile and fun. I made several necklaces and even a braided headband with just one T-shirt. I'm thinking next time I will cut the shirt in one continuous strip to crochet something with!


Anonymous said...

"thinking next time I will cut the shirt in one continuous strip to crochet something with!"
Jennifer -- check out this site for ideas:

Birthstones said...

I love the braided headband, such a great idea. Might do this with my girls!

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Nice diy. the tshirt diys look pretty. you are awesome.

Unknown said...

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