Tuesday, September 3

Bitty Bow Headbands (No Sew!)

Now that I have a baby girl it's been fun to throw in some girly projects among all the boys projects I'm usually working on.  These little headbands are super easy to make and don't even require sewing.
They add a little girly flair to any outfit.  Here's my little girl.  She's almost 3 months old and I love putting a headband on her with her crazy hair flying out all around it.

 To make these headbands you'll need:
 For the really thin elastic I tied it into a knot to make the headband.  Don't worry - the knot will be concealed by the bow.  It was SO narrow that I didn't think adhesive was the right choice to connect the two ends.  
The length of the elastic depends on the size of the baby's head.  You want it to be just tight enough to stay in place, but not much tighter.  You don't want it to feel uncomfortable.
 To make the bow you need one 9" piece and one 1.5" piece of ribbon.
 Cut a piece of Peel and Stick tape and place it on one end of the long ribbon.  Remove the paper and stick both ends together...
 ...to form a loop like this.
 Fold the short piece of ribbon in half.  Put adhesive on the end and begin to wrap it around the pinched loop you created first, along with the headband itself.
 Put another strip of adhesive on the end of the short ribbon to hold it together.  You'll need a little piece to put in the fold of it as well.  The knot of the headband should be hidden so that the headband is comfortable to wear.  That's it!
 For the wider, foldover elastic shown on the other headband, you can connect the headband itself using the Peel and Stick tape, rather than a knot.  It adheres well and doesn't feel hard or lumpy like hot glue can.


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She is just beautiful! :) The headbands are adorable too!

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Pretty headband. My 7 year old daughter will love to have these bitty bow headbands. I will definitely make them for her.

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Beautiful bow headband. This will look so prefect on my daughter.

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