Thursday, September 12

Fun with the Darby Smart 80's Throwback Tote

Have you heard of Darby Smart?  They are a cool crafty/DIY kit company that make easy & on-trend craft projects that you design yourself. We are excited about the latest Darby Smart kit...the 80's Throwback bag, because it features our Tulip Fabric Spray Paint, along with a cool Ronda Palazzari mixed tape stencil from Crafters Workshop, and a super stylish and sturdy Baggu tote bag, complete with pockets on the inside!

The 80's Throwback kit is only $31 and comes with free shipping. Let me just say, it's totally worth it. The bag is heavy duty (not like a basic canvas tote).  Also, the 12x12 stencil and Fabric Spray Paint (regularly $12.99) combined make it a super deal.  All that and it comes in a fabulous box you'll want to keep, because it's so cute.  You can get your kit here.
We broke out the kits in our craft studio and we had an afternoon crafting session! Here's Brandi, Pattie, and Kristin before we got started on our bags!

Pattiewack decided to do an ombre shading with the stencil on her bag and even flicked the Fabric Spray Paints straight from the tube onto the bag for a cool splattered paint look. Tote-ally cool! She later went back in and added a dusting of our Tulip Fashion Glitters (not included in the kit).  Then she shook the bag over a trash can and it created lots of cool grungy drips.  You can see her finished product below!

Kristin went for a metallic effect on her bag, sticking with gold and silver sprays. She went back in and added some glitter and a little more spray.  A couple shakes up and down, and it totally looked like molten metal!

Brandi cut up her stencil and randomly applied them on her bag.  Brandi definitely likes to break all the crafty rules and we love her for that!
Here's Pattie and Kristin with their completed totes.  The process of making our bags was so fun and a nice break from our daily work.  This definitely would make for a great girls night out craft or project to do with your best friend just for fun.

Some of our fabulous bloggers also worked up their own Darby Smart 80's Throwback bags from their kit!  Check out how each interpreted the stencil, colors, and design in their own way. Click on their name below each pic to see more on how they designed their tote.

Cathy Attix of Trinkets in Bloom

So press play and hop on over to Darby Smart and check out this kit and all the cool examples people have made. Time is limited to get this bag, so order it before it runs out!

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J9nKidz said...

excellent! absolutely inspiring and in love with the colours ladies ;D

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