Wednesday, September 25

Fuzzy Monster Snap Bracelets

As soon as I spied these fun fur snap bracelets in the Halloween aisle at Target, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  They're only $1.00, so I scooped up three!  Using various sizes and colors of googly eyes, some craft felt scraps I had in the studio and three types of Aleene's adhesives I made an armful of fuzzy monster snap bracelets that are sure to scare up some fun!  These are so easy and inexpensive to create, they'd make a great craft project for kids or teens.  (Though I'm a fully grown woman and I would rock these in a hot second. 

 You will need:
3 Fuzzy Snap Bracelets (I got mine at Target, you could opt to cover regular snap bracelets with fun fur)
Craft Felt Scraps 
Googly Eyes (Various sizes)
Aleene's Fabric Fusion 
Aleene's Jewel-It
Each bracelet is slightly different.  For the bat bracelet, cut out wings, an eyelid and fangs.  The parts are layered.  Start by adding Aleene's Fabric Fusion to the wings.  Attach the back of the large eyeball to the wings with Aleene's Jewel-It.  Add the eyelid to the front of the eyeball with Aleene's Double Stick Tacky Sheets.  Attach the fangs to the backside of the bracelet, if you want to make them extra secure, glue a rectangular piece of felt behind them.   To make the eyeball bracelet, select a variety of colors and sizes of googly eyes.  Attach them to the front center of your bracelet using Aleene's Jewel-It glue.  For the cat, cut ears and eyelids.  Use Aleene's Fabric Fusion to glue the ears into the fur, digging in a little and adding glue to the front and back of the bottom of the ears, so they will stand up.  Attach the eyeballs and lids using Aleene's Jewel-It. or you can opt to attach the lids using Aleene's Double Stick tacky sheets.  The key with the lids and any black felt is to avoid getting glue on the front of the felt through seepage or touching it with sticky fingers.  That's it!
If you make some Fuzzy Monster Snap Bracelets, we'd love to see them!  Be sure to join our Facebook page and you can visit me at DIY Doyenne for more DIY fashion and style.


Anonymous said...

How do I "share" your page? Soooo many great crafts here. I clicked on FB and it just "liked" your page. I'm an idiot... what can I say.

Unknown said...

Super cool, easy craft project for the girls & boys to do. Love it, cheap & easy!

AB said...

Thank you for the great idea and tutorial! I made a couple and posted the pictures on my blog:

Unknown said...

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