Tuesday, September 10

Monogrammed Bags, DIY

 Along with working in "The Blog World" I have a regular 40 hour a week job, working with some amazing people. Associate Appreciation Week is this week and I wanted to make them something that was specifically tailored for each one of my them that shows  how much I value their hard work and dedication. I have always loved monogrammed bags so I thought that I would make each one of them a bag with their initials monogrammed it. Tulip made it so easy with their Spray and Tube Fabric paint.

Things you need 
Canvas bags*Wal-mart, Michaels
Monogram Stencil
Cookie Sheet or Piece of cardboard
X-acto knife
 Place your bag on a flat surface.
  Place a cookie sheet or a piece of cardboard in between your bag.
Tape off your bag with different sized stripes.
 Spray your stripes with different color tulip spray paint.
 Be careful not to get the paint on the other stripes.
Use your sponge to even out the paint.
 On another bag I did vertical stripes.
When you are done painting,
peel off your tape while your paint is still wet.
Let your bags dry about 3 hours. 
for the initials I used this Tulip Soft Fabric paint in black.
On my computer I typed out the initials for each of  the bags.
I experimented with different fonts until I found the one I wanted.
I printed out the font and I covered it with clear contact paper.
Then using an x-acto knife I carefully cut it out.
I placed the font stencil where I wanted it on my bag
 and using my same tulip sponge and black tulip fabric paint
 I painted the initials.
Let that dry 6-8 hour.
Be creative and make all kinds of monogrammed bags.
Have a Wonderful Day.
For more of my DIY, head over to my Blog,
Lots of Love,
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