Tuesday, October 8

DIY Walking Dead Bloody Zombie Tee

So, pretty much everyone around the iLTC offices knows about my obsession with the TV show "The Walking Dead".  I've got my Walking Dead décor up around my cube, I've held tutorials with coworkers regarding the proper ways to put a zombie out of its misery, and with season 4 airing on October 13, I decided it's high time I have myself a bloody zombie hunter tee!  I can't believe I never thought to make one until recently!

What you need:
Freezer Paper
Paper Towels
White cotton T-shirt


Check out my video tutorial to see how you can create your own bloody zombie hunter T-shirt, just in time for the premier of "The Walking Dead" ...Even better, it also doubles as a great shirt to wear on Halloween!

I figure it doesn't take brains to make this project...ok maybe it takes some! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Way cool tee!
I found a kit to grow your own Zombie Plant that Plays DEAD!

sllvncookie@aol.com said...

I Love this shirt,I'm 67 yrs. old & I crazy about Walking Dead & so is a lot my friends,I think Gov. behind a lot going on in start new season,hope throw him to walkers,,,ha,ha,thank's honey for shirt,,,,

Chloe Tatro said...

Hi there! I am SO GLAD you like the shirt! And I am glad you are crazy about Walking Dead too! =) Yes, I think there is going to be lots of excitement in the new season, between this new illness that's sprouted up and the inevitable return of the Governor! (I hope they throw him to the walkers too!) LOL. If you end up making the shirt, let me know ... I would love to see you and your friends sporting some zombie hunter tees!

Unknown said...

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sameer khan said...

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